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Marsha Sheldon has been teaching and working with groups and individuals for the last 35 years. She was chairperson of the Board of Directors of The Center for the Healing Arts in Los Angeles. She was lucky enough to have experienced so many wonderful teachers there. Joseph Campbell, Elizabeth Kubla Ross, Robert Bly, Ram Dass , Dr. Brugh Joy and Carolyn Conger PhD. Dr. Paul Brenner to name only a few of the amazing teachers the Center hosted. 

She led the Healing Circle there that was a community outreach program that provided workshops in a wide variety of healing modalities. She also taught dream groups and worked with people who were facing seriousness illnesses as well as moving toward death.

Marsha’s journey began in 1977 when she had a spontaneous energetic experience that opened her to ranges and levels of reality she could have never dreamt of. This event was followed by two years of all kinds of phenomenon. Visions, energetic experiences, healing, seeing, and hearing were some of the ranges of experience.

A path opened to her and Hannah Veary, a Hawaiian Elder mentored her over an eight-year period and inducted her into the heart and soul of the old Hawaiian culture. She has also experienced some of the heart and the medicine of the Native American Indians working with Rolling Thunder and Sun Bear.

Marsha was involved with the body of work known as Voice Dialogue/ The Psychology of Selves. This work is a gateway to much of Jung's contributions and includes energetic training, dream work, shadow and mythology. She was in Hal Stone's original Voice Dialogue training group and was Senior Staff at the Summer Kamp programs and most of the therapist's training groups in Los Angeles for over twelve years. She also taught facilitation, relationship work and led dance rituals at these programs.

She studied with Brugh Joy beginning in 1978 and the body of his work includes heart level meditation, healing and body energetics, pattern recognition, dream work, shadow. She was a small group leader for many years at Brugh Joy’s Asilomar Conferences and co produced with Michael Goodman The Elderhood Conference in 2005.

Marsha Sheldon has a passion for working with groups and individuals in a wide range of subjects. She loves working with couples, giving readings, assisting people whose lives are in transition and adores mentoring teachers.

She is on Staff at the Southern California Voice Dialogue Institute ( She co authored The AEP Workbook with Marth-Lou Wolfe and Larry Novick

She co founded Touchstone Seminars with Tricia Kelly for community support that focuses on the care and the feeding of the Soul. Those groups have been ongoing for 16 years. She has been leading an ongoing dream group for more than twelve years dealing with collective dreams, individual dreams, myths, films and personal mythology.

Marsha has been on the Board of many Centers of Learning throughout the country and has been supportive of many community based spiritual and psychological exploration groups. She is available for lectures, seminars and workshops in a vast variety of topics

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