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Overview of The Work

There is a fatigue that comes with living life too long at the surface. For some people a time will come when a yearning and a curiosity will seize them and the impulse to explore their inner life and augment their outer life will send them on a journey.

We are so blessed to have so many paths and modalities to experience.

My work is to open some of those doorways and to provide expertise and safe passage along the way. I work with groups, individuals and couples.

I like to call it Life in Transition: "I am not who I used to be nor what I am going to be." A couple of the many ways you may come to that threshold is through inspiration or crisis. That is the time to dive in and find a more authentic vein to follow. The invitation is to see the psychological dynamics that dance you as well as a deeper current of creativity to express.

Touching on that which is sacred to you, each of us has a unique formula for the care and feeding of the soul and it is important to discover what that is for ourselves. I offer a glimpse of other cultures access to the divine to incorporate into your experience of approaching levels of deeper meaning.

There is an inner landscape to become familiar with inside yourself. The spaciousness to be tapped in meditation along with levels of Heart, Intuition and Well Being that become accessible with contemplative practices. Listening to and aligning yourself with an inner voice to guide you.

Understanding symbolic language and developing a relationship with the wisdom held in the unconscious through dream work, myths and even movies will present a stunning and uncensored view of self. Our film libraries are the great mythic stories of our culture, psyches and the themes of our life. Learning to recognize what is presented and what we are seeing beneath the surface level gives us a profound look at the patterns that animate us.

Self portraits that include blind spots. Shadow work is a complex discovery of a less preferential view of oneself and when incorporated allows us the true power of self acceptance and self knowledge. It is the great rounding out of ourselves into wholeness.

Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves developed by Dr.s Hal and Sidra Stone is an amazing body of work that is part of the foundation of the teachings. It is a vehicle of discovery and exploration.

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